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About your dog and you
Here are some stories and pictures sent in by dog lovers just like you!

                  About Dante from his best friend, Drew

This is my dog Dante
He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and they are from Africa.
They were originally bred to chase Lions and be a great friend.
Dante doesn't chase lions, but he is a 'Super Dog'.
He is a certified Therapy Dog and he visits sick children when they are in the hospital for a long time.
Dante loves to play in the park, too.  He always has lots of fun running with his buddies Cosmo, Belle, and Bodhi.

Super Dante

    Abbie and Misty
This is Abbie and her 13-week old puppy Misty.  Abbie wrote and told us that she also has two fish (Salt and Pepper), and that she and Misty, her mummy and daddy have fun taking long walks in Richmond Park, the biggest park in London, England, where she lives. 
     Abbie also said that Misty likes to play with her toys, and eat her favorite food, chicken.  They both love chocolate biscuits! (We want you to know that Abbie signed her letter all by herself).

Heather's story has a moral -- if you get a new pet, make sure your dog knows that you still love him (or her).
She calls her story "My Dog Can Sing." 

     This is a story about my dog Mica.  He was given to me by my Uncle Kenny. He found Mica, who had been beaten, walking along the side of the street. He took care of him for a while, then asked us if we wanted him, and my parents said yes. Mica wasn't shy, and we gave him lots of love. We even take him camping with us.
     We were best friends, until I found a turtle.  My parents said I could keep her. I stopped paying attention to Mica.  I named the turtle Daisy, and  I played with her whenever I could.
     One day when I was feeding Daisy, she bit my finger. My mom did everything she could do to try and get Daisy off.  Finally she let go of my finger.  I wasn't allowed to keep her anymore.  So I took her outside and let her go.  I felt sad. But I suddenly remembered my dog whom I had neglected. So I tried to make it up to him and teach him some tricks. That's when I found out Mica could sing. I know it may sound weird, but my brother and parents heard it too. Sometimes we all sing together.
     We have had lots of dogs, but I love Mica the best, especially when he sings.
     So please, never neglect your pet when you get another one. Maybe you're missing something special your dog can do. I was lucky, Mica still loves me. 
Chunky Monkey says that Charlotte's Web is his favorite book too.
I have two dogs , Charlotte and Wilbur. They are named after the book, Charlotte's Web. Wilbur is black and white and Charlotte is brown and black. I love them very much. Charlotte can smile and talk, and Wilbur loves vegetables. (And sleep)
 By K.L.B.N.

If you would like to tell us all about your dog, and even send in some pictures, write to: Chunky Monkey Fan Club, I love my dog, P. O. Box 64, Absecon, N.J. 08201.  If you want to send your story in from your computer (copy and paste), click here.

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